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"He has the insight to know exactly how hard to push me and when to progress forward to the next level of exercise or intensity. Throughout my course of care, I have felt completely confident and at ease with the way Greg nurtured me through a tough and challenging rehab. He gave me the confidence and encouragement to get me to work to my true maximum ability while ensuring I would not push myself further than was safe." - Rich, 60

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"I was further told I would never be able to run, jump, or hike again. And it would take at least 18 months until I could walk with a minimal limp. It was anticipated I would spend: six months using a walker, an additional six months on crutches, then a final six months of re-learning how to walk with a limp...My sole goal was to walk down the aisle and dance at my wedding. I met with Dr. Reardon three times a week over the course of 11 months. He was patient and kind, but also knew exactly when to push me. He was always thorough, explaining every new exercise or treatment, making me feel comfortable and confident about my care....I smashed every milestone along the way, needing the walker for only two months and crutches for only three months...On the one year anniversary of my surgery—and exactly one month before my wedding—I ran a 5k...I was, also, able to dance with my husband at our wedding, and walk down the aisle with my father, limp-free." - Teresa, 33

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"The first time I met Dr. Reardon, I had just come from the orthopedic spine surgeon, who – after looking at my MRI - recommended spinal fusion for my L3, L4 and L5, lamination for my three herniated discs and decompression of my severe stenosis.  I walked into the physical therapy facility in near panic mode, with little hope of any alternative to immediately “going under the knife”.  I had participated in physical therapy before for my back, and had received little more than massage and hookup to the tens unit, which suffice it to say, got me nowhere....In the sessions to come, I experienced extraordinary improvement with Greg’s adept application of manual therapy.... He answered my endless questions and, unlike other doctors, never patronized, but only encouraged my curiosity and better understanding of the healing process.  Most important, I was moving and feeling better, and was happily back to spinning, walking, even dancing.  With any luck, maybe my golf handicap will even improve!" - Suzanne, 62

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