Have you been recovering from an injury and been denied from your insurance company future Physical Therapy Visits? Are you fearful that you are not quite ready to return to sport or exercising and are not sure what to do now?

Our post rehabilitation return to sport program is perfect for you, if you share those fears and concerns.

Our Physical Therapists have unfortunately seen too many people denied future Physical Therapy by their insurance companies. Patients are often left stuck and fearful about what to do next.

Fortunately, at PREP Physio Therapy, we are not bound to insurance company approvals and denials. WE GET TO CHOOSE HOW TREATMENT IS RENDERED AND WHEN YOU NO LONGER REQUIRE OUR SERVICES.

Our Post Rehabilitation Program is Perfect for you if you have any of these concerns. Our Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches will work together to continue your care and ensure you are ready to return to sport, activity or any other goal you may have. To speak with a Physical Therapist or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist about your concerns with return to activity, or want to learn more about how our program works, then click on the link below to find out more!