Do you feel like you exercise a lot but are still not reaching your weight loss or fitness goals? You are not sure why you have plateaued and stopped seeing results with looking, feeling and moving better?

Are you an athlete and are having trouble gaining lean muscle that can set you apart from your competition?

Your training may be where it needs to be, but if you don’t have proper nutrition, then you are missing a huge component to maximizing your potential! Our Strength and Conditioning Specialists are also Certified Coaches through PRECISION NUTRITION.

A Nutrition Consultation is Essential for those:

  • Who are training for an athletic event and need to properly fuel your body
  • Struggling with weight loss
  • Struggling to gain lean muscle mass
  • Have a good exercise program, but have plateaued in your results recently
  • Who do not know how to cook or shop properly for healthy meal options
  • Who love to go out to dinner with friends and family but have been avoiding doing so because you do not know what to order
  • Who have high blood pressure and cholesterol and were told by your Doctor that you need to lose weight and get in shape
  • Having difficulty recovering from an injury and feel like you are not healing the way you should be
  • Want to get a better idea about their current body composition and how to improve it


Being a Strength and Conditioning Coach for almost a decade, I have realized the importance of nutrition for all athletic and weight loss goals for quite some time. As a Physical Therapist, I have learned that nutrition is just as important for recovery and healing. I strongly recommend to most of patients a nutrition consultation with a Certified Coach, so they can improve their health, recovery, healing or whatever their goal is. If you have been struggling with your eating habits and nutrition and feel stuck, then I highly recommend you contact our Certified Coaches to find out more about how you can improve your nutrition and health!